Inmate Telephone System
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Securus Technologies, Inc. provides the inmate telephone service to our facilities.  Correctional Billing Services is a division of Securus that provides Customer Service to the called parties. 


An inmate can contact family and friends by calling collect from inmate telephones in the jail. Family and friends must be willing to accept the charges. Inmates cannot receive incoming telephone calls and employees are not permitted to deliver personal messages to inmates.

You may block phone calls from inmates by pressing '6' when you are called by an inmate.  We do not remove blocks on phones per inmate request.  Only the person that is on the receiving end of the blocked phone number can remove it by calling Customer Service at Correctional Billing Services (CBS) at 1-800-844-6591.


If you are having trouble receiving calls from an inmate at any Marion County Facility, would like to request a BLOCK on your phone, or have a question about how to setup a DIRECT BILL or PREPAID COLLECT account, please contact Correctional Billing Services.  CBS is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.  They can be contacted for:

  • Any billing issues for the end users
  • For Block/Unblock of phone numbers
  • Any rate issues

Toll free phone number 1-800-844-6591




This facility utilizes a superior 3-way prevention system to prevent 3-way calling activity. This detects and terminates all potential 3-way calls.

Users should understand what causes actual and false (potential) 3-way call responses and subsequent call terminations. Understanding what causes a 3-way call termination will prevent false 3-way call interruptions.

Your facility has made this list available to you to assist you in preventing unwarranted 3-way call terminations.


Potential call terminating false 3-way responses:

  • Do NOT attempt a 3-way call. All 3-way calls will be immediately terminated
  • Do NOT use a speaker phone or amplified phone
  • Do NOT use a cordless phone out of range or one with static problems
  • Do NOT accept call waiting during your call
  • Do NOT yell into the phone
  • Do NOT cup a hand over the mouthpiece to mute or cut out background noise
  • Do NOT cough into the phone
  • Do NOT pick up another extension during the call. If this is necessary, speak immediately after picking up the extension
  • Begin your conversation immediately after accepting the call


Hearing impaired inmates or inmates with hearing impaired family or friends, now have ability to communicate with each other. SECURUS Technologies with the cooperation of Sheriff Anderson, have installed TTY phones within the Jail.