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748 Massachusetts Ave

Several years ago, Local 416 served only the Indianapolis Fire Department. Membership was just under 1,000.  A Change occurred when all of the Locals in Marion County as well as the locals of a few outside the county consolidated.  In effect, Local 416 became a microcosm of the International Association of Fire Fighters.   Membership now consists of 21 districts and over 2,315 members.

The Local is divided into 'Districts' using existing departmental boundaries and each District has two elected officers. They are members of the Local 416 Executive Board along with the President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, and four At-Large Trustees.

The consolidation was precipitated by two things.  First, the Local moved into its current offices, which are housed in the oldest standing firehouse in Marion County.   This building is a landmark in the city, housing the Local 416, Survive Alive program, the firefighter's museum, as well as the Local offices.  This showcase brought a great deal of attention to the Local from many areas, including the other firefighters in the county.

The second event occurred when the firefighters of the town of Speedway approached Local 416 officers about organizing.  They had let their charter in the IAFF lapse many years before and were interested in working together for the common good again.  They made it clear that they felt it would be better if they could just come in under the Local 416 charter.  After clearing it with the IAFF and making the necessary constitutional changes, the firefighters of Speedway became members of Local 416.

This merger was soon the talk of the county, among firefighters and politicians alike.   Within eighteen months all the other Locals had joined Local 416.  The Local is strong due to its efforts in the community as well as its efforts in the political arena.  Local 416 realizes that good government can not happen without a good Fire Department.  While fire protection is only one part of the 'big picture', it is a very important one.

Through the leadership of the Local and the Indianapolis Fire Department, Local 416 has become a stellar example of the benefits of having a good working labor/management relationship.  The continued efforts of Chief Louis Dezelan and Local President Tom Hanify as well as the past individuals in these positions have taken the Indianapolis Fire Department, the Local and the city and county to new levels  of excellence. A prime example of this is the annual Fire Department Instructors Conference (FDIC), which has been successful held in Indianapolis for many years.

The members of Local 416 are proud of their departments.  Through their efforts they protect the citizens of, and visitors to, our City.  They are also proud of our City itself.  We are the home of Hoosier Hospitality.  We hope you get the opportunity to enjoy our City and our hospitality.